Enlighten Your Path - with Melissa Asteya

I Applaud you for taking this Huge leap 
towards Healing & Living Your Best Life!

Am I the right Coach for You?

Do I have a Program that is the Perfect Fit for You?

Are you Ready to Commit to your Healing & Growth?

Let’s find out together!


This call is focused on discovering 3 things:

1) What are your needs?

2) Based on your needs, what do I have to offer you?

3) Are you ready & willing to do the healing work?

This is NOT a high pressure sales call. Our discovery call is about making sure we are the right fit to work together. It is imperative that we know the answer to these 3 things before entering into a Healing & Coaching Relationship together. I hold the highest intention for your healing & growth. If we find that we are not the right fit, for any reason, I will happily refer you to another practitioner whom I feel could benefit you.

Still undecided? Let me ask you...

Do you find yourself mentally/emotionally stuck in sadness/anger from your childhood or from past relationships?

Are you continually repeating the same unhealthy cycles and patterns?

Do you long for healthier relationships, or struggle communicating your thoughts and feelings to others?

Do you want to understand what your boundaries are and how to set them clearly for yourself and others?

Do you find yourself slipping into victim mindset, despite knowing deep down that you are more powerful than you allow yourself to be?

Do you want to understand what the struggles in your life are teaching you and how to move forward integrating what you have learned?

Do you want to know what your Divine Gifts are and how you can use them to better serve yourself and others?

Do you wish you were more mindful and not continually giving into daily distractions and unhealthy habits?

Do you lose sight of your true value and worth because you are still buying into disempowering thoughts and beliefs?

Do you want to be more loving, accepting, kind, gentle, and compassionate with yourself?

Do you want to align with your Divine Purpose through every choice you make?

Do you want to Live your Bliss?

Did you answer YES to ANY of these questions?

Then you have the self-awareness necessary for the profound healing & growth that you so deserve! It's time to break free from the fears that have been holding you back & come into alignment with who you are truly meant to be! It’s time to claim your worth, do the work, & live your Bliss!

Let me support your journey!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Blessings,