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Happy New Year - 2013!

<3 Happy New Year - 2013! May we be Filled with the LOVE, LIGHT, & PEACE that dwell within our HEART, today and always! <3

Today, I allow my inner Light to Shine. I Release all that is no longer serving me, with Love. I Trust in the Divine Rhythm & Flow of the Universe. I am Present. I am Awake. I Honor each emotion that arises by taking quiet time to explore it. I set Clear Intentions. I look for the Lesson and Apply it. I Lead with my Heart. I Smile and Laugh more. I Listen more Carefully. I Breathe Deeply. I Open myself to experiencing even more Love, in every form. I Ask for assistance when I need it. I thank YOU for reflecting all that I need to see in order to grow, and deepen in awareness. I realize that I am not really I, but truly, WE. Thank You, Divine, for every Blessing in this Life!

In Love, Joy, and Peace,

Melissa Asteya