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Age Regression Hypnotherapy

Age Regression Hypnotherapy is a beautifully unique inner healing and empowerment journey!

During your session, you will be lovingly and compassionately guided into earlier life experiences that you are ready to process, heal, and integrate.

While each experience is unique, clients most often report feelings of clarity, relief, release, healing, empowerment, and a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships, and life experiences.

Your outcome may include:

💚  Greater self-awareness of your daily thoughts, choices, and actions.

💚  Deeper understanding of the connection between your past experiences and your present life issues.

💚  Resolving unhealthy patterns/cycles by learning the lessons they are presenting you with.

💚  Clarity, healing, letting go, acceptance, forgiveness, and moving forward on your path.

💚  Connecting with your Soul Self, Angels, and Spirit Guides.

💚  Reconnecting with your Child-Self, your Divine Power, and your Soul’s Purpose.

Your Appointment will last up to 3 hours

+ a FREE 30 min follow-up appointment!

Your Investment:


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Client Love

"My recent Age Regression session with Melissa was amazing. I got closure for some past issues and received loving messages from my higher self and spirit guides. Since I found Melissa last spring my life has improved so much and just continues to do so. I am looking forward to more experiences with her in the future." - Chris

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Melissa Asteya. Certified Age, Womb, & Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, with more than 13 years of experience, dedicated to compassionately supporting and empowering your journey!

Certified Hypnotherapist & Professional Member

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