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Akashic Record Reading, Clearing, & Coaching

During your Soul Realignment, you will receive information and guidance about your Soul's origin, your Divine Gifts, and how to integrate this empowering & uplifting information into living your Best life!

In your 2-hour Phone Session, you'll have the opportunity to:

⭐ Discover your Divine Gift

⭐ Learn about your Soul's Origination

⭐ Learn Tools to Empower your Soul's Purpose

⭐ Clarify & Release Past Life Issues

⭐ Clarify & Resolve Present Life Issues

⭐ Understand & Clear unhealthy Attachments, Blocks, Contracts, Restrictions, & Vows

⭐ Ask Questions to gain greater Clarity & Understanding

⭐ Receive & Complete 21-Day Clearing Homework

⭐ And MORE!

Your Investment: $444

Your highly informational Phone Session is audio recorded for you & your downloadable recording link is emailed within 24 hrs following your appointment. Your 21-Day Clearing Homework is emailed to you within 48 hrs following your appointment.

Please Note:  I complete your Akashic Record Reading, Clearing, and 21-Day Homework before we meet on the phone for your 2-hour appointment. This takes me an additional 2-hours; therefore, please schedule your phone appointment at least 2 days from today to give me plenty of time to prepare for it. During your 2-hour appointment, I will share everything I found & cleared from your record. And you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions along the way!

Click below to schedule now!

I look forward to working with you. 💜

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