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Are you ready to experience a profound transformation that will elevate your life to new heights? This one-to-one Hypnotherapy program is designed to help you break free from energetic clutter and blocks, allowing you to step into a higher vibration that aligns with your true purpose on this earth.

Your Transformational Experience In​cludes:

 Clear out the Energetic Clutter & Blocks weighing down your Vibration

 Activate Soul Aligned thought patterns that support your Divine Path on earth

 Rise into a Vibration that more fully empowers who you came here to BE

Our 3-Session Hypnosis Immersion Path:

Session #1
Release - Hypnosis & Energy Clearing

In this session, we will release and clear the negative energies and blocks that have been impeding your progress, making space for positive change and growth.

Session #2

Receive - Hypnosis & Energy Healing

During this session, you will receive healing energy that will uplift and nourish your mind, body, and soul, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of inner peace.

Session #3

Rise - Hypnosis & Energy Amplification

In our final session, we will amplify your newfound positive energy, helping you rise into a higher vibration that aligns with your true essence and purpose.

This divinely sacred hypnotherapy work is a co-creation. Our journey together involves formulating and activating your healing and empowerment, ensuring that it resonates deeply with your unique needs and desires.


+  Raise Your Vibe Reflection Downloads to prepare for each appointment

+  Each appointment can be audio recorded & emailed to you!

Your Investment:


( $1,332 Value )

Ready to Raise Your Vibe?

Your 3-session immersion may be completed via video, phone, or in office.

Each appointment will last up to two hours.

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