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Become a Certified Chakra Intuitive

& Launch Your Intuitive Reading Business in 8 Weeks!

Calling all Intuitives, Empaths, Healers, & Lightworkers!

Your Soul Gifts & Light are needed here on earth.

This Self-Paced Online Course is for YOU if:

  You're seeking to understand and grow your intuition

  You want to learn new tools for greater self-awareness

  You feel called to serve, empower, and uplift others

Chakra Intuitive

You'll Learn:

  About Your Intuitive Gifts

  How to Develop & Use your Gifts

✔ All about the 7 Chakras

  Basic Chakra Intuitive Readings

✔ Advanced Chakra Intuitive Readings

  Chakra Readings for You & for Others

  How to Step into Your Divine Power

  Tips for Your Heart-Centered Business

  And MORE!


What People are Saying:

"I was pretty sure that intuitive readings would come naturally for me as a hands-on healer of several years, but WOW! I am OVER-JOYED with how wonderful it felt to deliver these readings! It was even more fun, interesting and fulfilling than I imagined it would be! The course materials are incredibly beneficial to help me deliver the readings with greater clarity, knowledge + impactful ness to the recipient! What a delightful experience that went above and beyond my expectations! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in this work!" – Tracy, Certified Chakra Intuitive

"Tracy was engaging, professional and very sensitive to my questions and comments. She freely shared what she was learning from our reading analysis. She was very encouraging and tactful in her presentation, open in her discussion and empathetic. Her reading resonated with my perception of my life experience and world view, and I found our session to be insightful and quite therapeutic."- Tracy's Practice Client

Your Investment Includes:

  Self-Paced Online Learning

  6 Step-By-Step Training Modules

  Videos, Audios, & PDF Practice Forms

  Chakra Clearing & Intuitive Gift Activation

  Practice Client Readings with Client Feedback

  Knowledge & Understanding Assessment

✔ Mailed Certificate of Completion

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

✔ Lifetime Course Access

BONUS #1 - FREE Access to the Empowered Empath Mini-Course ($44 Value)

BONUS #2 - FREE Access to the Online Empowered Healers Collective for 3 Months! ($218 Value!)

Enroll & Start Today!

Need a Payment Plan?

Chakra Intuitive

Discover your Intuitive Gifts, develop them, and use them in your daily life!​

This course is excellent for both beginner & experienced intuitives.

Whether you're just getting started or have years of experience, there's empowering benefits to learning new tools and honing your craft.

By the end of this self-paced online training, you'll have the knowledge, practice, experience, client feedback, and certification needed to conduct empowering Chakra Intuitive Readings.


"I really like how organized this course is. It all blends together, but going one step at a time gives you confidence and it's not overwhelming. I've noticed a huge shift in myself. I feel better and the people around me feel better. I'm really glad that I took this course. I definitely recommend it!" - Phyllis, Certified Chakra Intuitive Practitioner

"Phyllis is amazing! Her readings are so her. She is unbelievably amazing, nonjudgmental, so easy to be completely open with, and instills peace and confidence. She knew exactly what I needed to hear, what I didn’t want to hear and what I didn’t even realize." - Phyllis' Practice Client

Hello beautiful! I'm Melissa Asteya, creator of the Chakra Intuitive Certification Course.

As a Professional Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Karuna Reiki Master, & Embody Love Coach, I've spent the past 20 years learning, practicing, and teaching tools for self-awareness, healing, and empowerment.

I'm certified in many modalities and have created a unique way of blending them all together to empower YOU to align with your Intuitive Gift!

I want to remind you that YOU are POWERFUL beyond measure!


You just need the tools to fully enact your Intuition.

You're here for a reason!


You manifested reading this today because it's time -- you're ready to LEARN & GROW!

You're ready to EMPOWER your Intuitive Gift!


"This class helped me be more aware of my Clair Gifts and gave me more clarity on myself. I have been blessed for the opportunity to learn and grow with working more extensively with the chakras. I am now more in tune with myself and practicing checking in with myself daily, know what I need to care for myself and continue growing. Thank you Melissa!" - Kimm, Certified Chakra Intuitive

"My reading was spot on. It was enlightening to hear some of the points and affirmations that she brought up. They were things that she would have in no way known. One affirmation sent chills through me and has been very empowering." - Kimm's Practice Client

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Melissa Asteya. Professional Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Karuna Reiki Master-Teacher, & Creator of the Chakra Intuitive Certification Course. Welcome and I look forward to having you in class!

Course Questions? Email Me Here

Melissa Asteya

"The information was great. It helped to have instructions on how to do a reading and get a deeper understanding for using Chakras to guide clients. It was nice unlocking the info each week to create a good pace for learning. Thank you so much for teaching about pendulums. After your course, I now trust and love using mine!" - Debbie, Certified Chakra Intuitive

"Debbie was wonderful and able to address many of the things that are going on in my crazy life right now. I felt energized after the session and hope to implement many of the suggestions into my life. " - Debbie's Practice Client


Q:  Where can I take this certification class?
A:  It's an online course, so you can take it from the comfort of your own home or office! You can access it from any smart device, laptop, or desktop.

Q:  When does it start?
A:  It's open and ready for you to begin as soon as you enroll!

Q:  How long will it take me to complete?
A:  A new module opens very week until you have all six. You can complete it in as little as six weeks. You have Lifetime Access so you get to move through it at your own pace!

Q:  What if I have course questions? Is there a way to get them answered?
A:  Yes! Email Melissa anytime with your course questions. 

Q:  If I decide the class isn't for me can I get a refund?
A:  Yes, your enrollment includes a 3-day money back guarantee.

Q:  Are there any prerequisites for this class?
A:  No, this course meets you where you are and helps you grow your intuitive gifts!

Q:  I'm just getting started with developing my intuition. Can I still take it?
A:  Absolutely! By the time you have completed every step of this six module course, you will have all of the tools you need to conduct and deliver Chakra Intuitive Readings!

Q:  I have many years of intuitive experience working with clients. Will this class benefit me in any way?
A:  Many advanced intuitives have taken this course and reported having learned new tools and new ways of accessing their intuitive gifts!

Q:  I just want to take this class for my own personal development. Is that ok?
A:  This course is a wonderful way to deepen your self-awareness, understand and develop your intuitive gifts, and conduct readings for yourself. While you will be required to complete three practice readings for practice clients to become certified, it's up to you whether or not you take that step.

Q:   Do I have to conduct Chakra Intuitive Readings for other people, or can I use what I learn just for myself?
A:  While you will be required to complete three practice readings for practice clients to become certified, you get to decide how you will use your new tools once you are certified.

Q:  I'm a Reiki Practitioner. Can I combine Reiki and Chakra Intuitive Readings?
A:  Yes! As soon as your course is complete and you have your certificate, you can begin offering Chakra Intuitive Readings in combination with any other modalities you are certified in.

Q:  Do I have to deliver Chakra Intuitive Readings in person?
A:  No, you have the choice of delivering readings via phone, video chat, or in person!

Q:  Can I charge for Chakra Intuitive Readings if I want to?
A:  Yes! As soon as your course is complete and you have your certificate, you can begin offering readings with a fee of your choosing.

Q:  Is there a certificate for completing this course?
A: Yes! Upon completion you will be a Certified Chakra Intuitive Practitioner & your certificate will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days.  (Please Note: If you select the Payment Plan, once your course is paid in full and you have completed it, your certificate will be mailed to you.)


"The Chakra Intuitive course allowed me to work at my own pace and explore an area of my spiritual gifts in a way I hadn't before. At the same time I knew that support and any assistance needed was available during the course. Thank you Melissa!" - Jackie, Certified Chakra Intuitive

"Jackie was very kind and she communicated clearly and with confidence. Everything she said resonated with my experiences lately." - Jackie's Practice Client

Enroll & Start Today!

Need a Payment Plan?


"Melissa's course on Chakra Intuitive Readings was a great class on how to use and work with my gift. I've always known I had them yet was never confident in using them, and by getting to work with clients it helped boost my confidence in what I'm doing." - Mecia, Certified Chakra Intuitive

"Everything Mecia said was point on - from what she picked up from me as a person to key points that I need to work on. Feeling blessed to have met Mecia!" - Mecia's Practice Client

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