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Welcome to your
Healing Journey

Hello Beautiful!

​I'm Melissa. Intuitive Healer & Hypnotherapist. 

My Heart-Centered Mission is Empowering

You to Heal & Align with Your Soul Purpose!

You are welcome here. Just as you are. We all need a sanctuary.


A place where it's safe to acknowledge and process our feelings. And tools to lovingly embrace the unhealed parts of us, that are being triggered and rising up to the surface.

Our healing journey begins with slowing down, gaining a deeper sense of self awarenessand growing our self-love.

I believe that Divine Alignment has brought you to this page. 


Whether you are in the midst of your Spiritual Awakening, or you have been walking your Spiritual Path for many years, I would be honored to hold space for your profound healing and transformation.

Imagine having the kind of support that empowers you to clear old patterns, release limiting beliefs, heal past trauma, and embrace your Divine Gifts!

This deeply sacred work creates the space needed for you to Rise UpYour Soul is calling you to heal your inner voice, embrace your Soul Purpose, and Shine your Light.

Once you explore the services I offer, select what speaks to your heart & soul right now.

I LOVE you. I BELIEVE in you. And I'm here to compassionately support you.

Love & Blessings,

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2024 Reiki Retreat

Be Immersed in the Blissful Serenity of Reiki for a Day!

Are you ready to awaken your soul's power, connect with a community of like-minded women, and embark on a transformative journey of empowerment?

Join the Empowered Souls Community today and embrace a life filled with purpose, joy, and spiritual expansion.

Ignite your inner light, tap into your limitless potential, and co-create a world where empowered souls uplift and inspire one another!


"Melissa has the ability to tap into the limitless knowledge of the universe. Open your mind and heart and prepare yourself for amazement. She has the ability to bring clarity, when ones life is shrouded in clouds." - Steve


"I came to Melissa needing help and not really knowing the underlying issues. Within minutes of just talking she pinpointed the issue and knew how to work on it. I came in expecting great things and those expectations were met and wildly exceeded. She is probably the most trustworthy, intuitive, and compassionate person I have ever met. I came out feeling energized, alive, and ready to move forward. I highly recommend Melissa, she has a gift." - T. Zeller

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"Melissa gives a gentle guidance towards clarity. I've called her when I need an answer and am looking for direction. She is able to guide me so I am able to know and feel what I want, need and what is right for me. Her intuitive reading is always right on. She's a true blessing. Thank you!!!" - Lisa

Embody Love Podcast

EP 5 | Befriending Our Triggers

Learn how to work with your triggers in a deeply compassionate way.


"I have accomplished so much since I first found Melissa. We kicked off our work together with a soul realignment which I highly recommend. It was very eye-opening and really when I first began to see myself as a divine being. We had some empowering phone calls, and I jumped in and did an age regression and later a past-life regression. Those were very powerful and I felt shifts immediately. I look at them as being kind of a short cut to healing. I feel more at peace than I ever have been, more present in my own body, and just more "myself." I also have seen my boundaries develop naturally over the course of our work together, because my self-respect has also grown. Working with Melissa is magical!" - Mary

Melissa's Story

I was born into this physical world a highly sensitive being, which I later came to understand as having the Divine Gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and claircognizance (knowing).


Navigating a traditional Catholic school and belief system as an intuitively gifted child created massive opportunities for growth - I questioned everything!


I see my religious background as a blessing, as it provided a foundation for the introduction to my Spiritual development in my early teens. And while I no longer subscribe to that particular belief system, I continue to work with the highest vibrational 'Christ-Consciousness' Divine Light Energy that IS the purest form of Love, Compassion, & Acceptance.


I've had the beautiful blessing of working with and learning from so many wise teachers throughout my life thus far. My dedication to my own healing and spiritual development, has taught me that every life challenge offers an opportunity for learning, growth, and expansion. And with free will, it's up to us to CHOOSE it.


My life's work consists of intuitively guiding, teaching, and empowering YOU to self-heal, move through personal and professional life transitions, gain greater self-awareness, and develop your Divine Gifts.


Our work together can help empower you to heal past trauma, release fears, implement tools for managing anxiety, create healthier habits, understand your lessons, see the bigger picture, become more self-aware, live more authentically, align with who you are at soul-level, and embrace yourself and your life more fully!


I have 17+ years of experience working with clients 1:1 and with groups of all sizes. My background in elementary education coupled with 20 years of spiritually-based certification trainings, coaching, and experience with thousands of clients enables me to live my passion of teaching and empowering others. And I feel truly blessed by every moment of it!


I offer a variety of Phone, Office, & Zoom sessions, Online Courses, Reiki Certification Workshops, Corporate Events, Mindfulness Seminars, Spiritual Retreats, and more!


My Current Credentials Include: Usui Reiki I & II, Usui-Tibetan ART/Master, and Karuna Reiki® Master Certifications and Professional Member through the International Center for Reiki Training; Certified Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists, specializing in Age Regression, Past Life Regression, and Womb Regression; Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner; RYT 200 through the Yoga Alliance; BA in Elementary Education from Buena Vista University.


If you're ready to heal and align with your Divine Path, I would be honored to work with you!


Love & Blessings,



"After seeing Melissa for Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching, my mind and my heart have been reminded of a deeper level of feeling, loving, and living! My first experience with Melissa was a spiritual reading. I left our appointment with tears in my eyes but a weight lifted off my heart! I have always considered myself a spiritual person but listening to her messages has enhanced my spirituality to a new level. Her gift is truly amazing and her presence is peaceful. Her life coaching has also melded with my life and has become a part of my daily prayer and meditation. My time with Melissa has been so meaningful and powerful! I am looking forward to more." - Chris

Questions about my services?

Certified Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Hypnotherapist & Professional Member

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