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Professional Intuitive  -  Karuna Reiki Master
Hypnotherapist  -  Spiritual Life Coach & Mentor

Opening your Mind, Healing your Heart, & Empowering you to Live Life Authentically!
Are you seeking Clarity, Guidance,
Holistic Healing, & Inner Peace?

Allow Melissa Asteya to assist you!

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Melissa Asteya can teach you how to:
Heal and Release the Past with Love
Embrace your Divine Power
Be the most Authentic Version of You

Dear Friends,
We each have the power within us to create and manifest exactly what we desire and deserve in this life! Are you ready to embrace your Divine Power? Are you ready to be the healthiest version of you?
It is my intention to assist and empower my clients on your own path of spirituality, self-healing, and enlightenment. My life's work is to teach, guide, mentor, and assist clients in healing from a pure, loving, honoring, and compassionate place. I hold the highest intention for everyone, including you, that you will find the guidance and nurturing you need as you heal, grow, and expand on your spiritual path in this life. It is an honor and a beautiful blessing to witness the glorious transformations of my clients on their personal paths of enlightenment, healing, and peace.
If you have questions about the sessions I offer or would like to set up an appointment, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to supporting you on your journey! :)
Many Blessings!
Melissa Asteya

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