Enlighten Your Path - with Melissa Asteya

Welcome!  I'm so happy you are here!

Enlighten Your Path is the Empowered Journey to Healing your Life. It is my belief that we have each been blessed with Divine Gifts that we can use to overcome every obstacle that comes our way to Create the Life of our Dreams!

I'm not talking about 'magic' - ok, maybe a dash of magic! But more than that, I'm talking about healing away your blocks, getting clear on what you really want, & going for it!

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Hello! My name is Melissa Asteya & I have 12 years of experience assisting my clients with stepping into their Divine Power to Heal the Emotional/Mental Blocks that are holding them back from Embodying Love in every aspect of their life!

I use my Gifts of Intuition and Holding Space to create opportunities for your Profound Healing & Transformation to occur. I use my Gifts of Guidance and Coaching to give you the Empowerment tools necessary to establish the Balance you deserve in your Personal & Professional Life!

Does this Resonate with You?

You pour your heart into everything you do.
You've worked so hard to achieve the goals you've set.

Your Love & Gifts support 
and uplift everyone around you.

And while you once felt Inspired 
by living out this mission every day,

Your inner voice has been calling out,

"What about Me?"

You're realizing, you have been neglecting Your Needs.

I know! I've been there! You are Not alone!
And you Deserve Better!

It's Time to Put You First again.
To Honor your Divine Purpose.

It's time to Reconnect with that Beautiful, Vibrant Being who needs your Love & Care the most  - YOU!

It's Time to say YES to the Life you Truly Desire!

No more Excuses, No more Playing Small,
No more "I don't deserve", No more Fear-Based Thinking.

If you are READY to Embody Love...

I'm Here to Empower your Transformational Journey!

Welcome to your Enlightened Journey:

- Heal & Release your Past
- Understand your Life Lessons
- Love Yourself
- Improve the Quality of your Relationships 
- Set Healthy boundaries
- Embrace your Divine Power
- Discover your Divine Gifts
- Develop your Intuition
- Be the most Authentic Version of You
- Live the Life you Truly Desire

Let's Discover your Best Self together!
As your Intuitive Life Transformation Coach:
I hold the highest intention for your Healing & Growth.

I offer:

- Compassionate Support
- Structured Programs
- Empowerment Tools
- Accountability

To Ensure Your Success!

You are here for a Reason. 
You have been seeking Healing & Transformation.

Your time is Now!
Let's clear the path together.

You are Ready to
the Very Best Version of You!

I look forward to Empowering your Journey!

Love & Blessings,

Melissa Asteya