Enlighten Your Path - with Melissa Asteya

Healing, Empowerment, & Peace

Melissa Asteya
Intuitive  Life Transformation Coach
Hypnotherapist - Karuna Reiki Master   
Soul Realignment Practitioner


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Welcome to your Enlightened Journey:


- Heal & Release your Past

- Understand your Life Lessons

- Love Yourself

- Improve the Quality of your Relationships 

- Set Healthy Boundaries

- Embrace  your Divine Power

- Discover your Divine Gifts

- Develop Greater Spiritual Awareness

- Be the most Authentic Version of You

- Live the Life you Truly Desire


Let's Discover your Best Self together!

As your  Intuitive Life Transformation Coach:

I hold the highest intention for your Healing & Growth.

I offer:

- Structured Programs

- Compassionate Support

- Empowerment Tools

To Ensure Your Success!

You are here for a reason. 

You have been seeking healing & transformation.

Your time is now!

Let's clear the path together.

You are Ready to


the Very Best Version of You!

I look forward to Empowering your journey!