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Embody Love Podcast

with Melissa Asteya

EP 6 | Choosing Love

Join me in Creating Space, Anchoring Light, & Choosing Love.


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EP 5 | Befriending Our Triggers

Learn how to work with your triggers in a deeply compassionate way.

Hello Beautiful!

I'm Melissa. Professional Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, & Embody Love Coach dedicated to compassionately empowering your healing journey!

EP 4 | Self Love in Action

What is Self Love in Action? Can we really learn how to Embody Love?

Bonus EP | Developing Your Intuition

EP 3 | Life as an Empath

What is life like as an Empath? This is Mariah's story. 

If you resonate with this episode, join my Empowered Empath $22 $44 online course HERE!

Mariah Irwin, Designer & Intuitive Guide

Through her knowledge and passion about life, Mariah connects with others and inspires them to be their truest selves. Her ability to think outside of the box and see life from a variety of perspectives, helps her guide others to walk their path in an authentic way.



EP 2 | Is Your Root Chakra Out of Balance?

Learn about 8 indicators that your Root Chakra is out of balance AND what you can do to bring it back into alignment!

EP 2 | Listener Comments:

Nicole Rus: "Your ways to see if the root chakra was blocked was spot on for me. I seem to have all those symptoms. Very helpful episode."

Melissa's Response: "Nicole! I'm so happy you found this episode helpful! And I'd love an update if you decide to put your new Root Chakra balancing tools into practice. Keep shining!"

EP 1 | 7 Signs of Being Intuitive!

If you resonate with 5 or more of these 7 signs, you're ready to develop your Intuitive Gift! 

While having an Intuitive Gift is a beautiful blessing, it's important that we learn how to develop and manage it. 

CLICK HERE to Learn More & Enroll in the Chakra Intuitive Certification Virtual Course!

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