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Intuitive Reading, Coaching, & Reiki

In your Intuitive Reading, Coaching, & Karuna Reiki® session, we'll combine a variety of tools and techniques to empower your self-healing and growth. If you're ready to deepen your self-awareness through compassionately guided intuitive work, I'd be honored to assist you.

Karuna Reiki® 
Intuitive Sound Healing

Karuna Reiki® can be defined as the Reiki of Compassion. It is a healing energy which assists us in awakening to universal compassion and the wisdom of our soul. When the vibrational sound healing of Karuna is combined with traditional Reiki, our state of consciousness aligns with compassion offering great transformational empowerment.



Hypnotherapy is a subtle yet powerful method for overcoming past trauma, processing emotions, releasing karmic blocks, and creating healthier habits in your daily life. Select one below to learn more & schedule:

Akashic Record Reading

During your Soul Realignment Akashic Record Reading, Clearing, & Coaching phone appointment you'll receive information and guidance about your Soul's origin, your Divine Gifts, and how to integrate this empowering & uplifting information into your daily life!

Hello Beautiful!

​I'm Melissa. Professional Intuitive, Certified Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Karuna Reiki® Master, NGH Certified Hypnotherapist, & Embody Love Coach dedicated to compassionately empowering your path!

Client Love

"Melissa gives a gentle guidance towards clarity. I've called her when I need an answer and am looking for direction. She is able to guide me so I am able to know and feel what I want, need and what is right for me. Her intuitive reading is always right on. She's a true blessing. Thank you!!!" - Lisa

"Melissa is simply incredible! I've been working with her for a few years now and she is a huge influence and support in my life. I've taken her Reiki 1 & 2, Master Reiki, Monthly Coaching and most recently a Soul Realignment and Akashic record reading. If you're feeling called to dive deeper into your spiritual journey, healing journey or to feel more empowered in your everyday life, then I highly suggest working with Melissa! You will not be disappointed!" - Sausha

"I had struggled with depression for many years on my own, not wanting to rely on medication for relief. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't do it on my own anymore. Therapy left me feeling even more down after each session and prescriptions left me feeling sick. I turned to Melissa for the natural approach I was looking for. I felt much needed relief and was given the tools I needed to turn my life around with one of her healing packages. It was well worth the investment and I now see her as needed for reiki sessions. I will admit, I was skeptical in the beginning, but I am now a believer and highly recommend her to everyone." - Sara

"After seeing Melissa for Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching, my mind and my heart have been reminded of a deeper level of feeling, loving, and living! My first experience with Melissa was a spiritual reading. I left our appointment with tears in my eyes but a weight lifted off my heart! I have always considered myself a spiritual person but listening to her messages has enhanced my spirituality to a new level. Her gift is truly amazing and her presence is peaceful. Her life coaching has also melded with my life and has become a part of my daily prayer and meditation. My time with Melissa has been so meaningful and powerful! I am looking forward to more." - Chris


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